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Sun Damage, Brown Spots, Fine Lines? We can help!

The suns ultraviolet (UV) rays and environmental factors can be dangerous and damaging to our unprotected skin contributing to hyperpigmentation also referred to as sun damage. Over time UV rays will lead to freckles, sun spots, age spots, brown spots, fine line and wrinkles adding years of premature aging to our look. These dark spots on our skin are known as hyperpigmentation are common conditions caused by an increase in melanin in our skin from over exposure to UV rays. Our skin produces melanin to protect itself against the dangerous UV rays. Too much sun exposure can cause the melanin to clump which causes patches of darker skin or brown spots leaving us with an uneven, blotchy complexion. Sun damage may also appear and present as facial redness, rosacea, poikiloderma on the chest and neck, or as fine lines and wrinkles. Research shows that over sun exposer and not protecting our skin against UV rays is the reason behind 80% of our skin prematurely aging.

Ask Dr Dao which cosmetic skincare treatments and/or SkinCeuticals skincare products can safely and effectively reverse signs of sun damage and prematurely aging skin!